The Sepia Stains Tarot – Second Edition

Sepia Stains is my first tarot deck and probably my biggest learning experience as far as all the many details that go into creating and publishing a deck. I began working on it mid 2000 and finished it at the start of 2008. At the time I was working on my first graphic novel The Black Ibis and within that story there are two tarot decks. I decided I wanted to make the decks as an extension of the story. As far as the style of the deck it is a very non traditional tarot that is very light on symbolism. The major arcana features characters from my graphic novel and the minor arcana features story artifacts. Below is a look at the entire tarot with deck information and ordering options. You can view all of the posts tagged “Sepia Stains” at this link.

03.28.2017: The Attic Shoppe has added Sepia Stains prints to their print shoppe. You can see what they have in stock here. If you have requests for art prints from any particular card from this deck please feel free to contact me with what card(s) you are interested in.

The Sepia Stains Tarot by Bethalynne Bajema

Full Deck Packaging Details:

  • The cards are printed on 300gsm card-stock.
  • Cards have a smooth silk finish w/corner rounding.
  • Deck comes in a drawstring pouch & labeled tin for packaging.
  • Deck comes with a companion book of basic card meanings.
  • This item currently only ships to the U.S.
Sepia Stains Tarot Sepia Stains Tarot

Preview the Sepia Stains Companion Book:

A variety of wonderful people offered their likeness to several of the cards. Below are the models featured within the deck. Many thanks to them! And since these are all artists and creative types themselves I do recommend taking a moment to get to know them, if you don’t already.

The front of the card features the airship from
Myke Amend’s Desert Shadows painting.
The Sepia Stains Tarot - Major Arcana - The Attic Shoppe

The Swords Suit
The Sepia Stains Tarot Swords Preview

The Chalices Suit
The Sepia Stains Tarot Chalices Preview

The Coins Suit
The Sepia Stains Tarot Coins Preview

The Wands Suit
The Sepia Stains Tarot Wands Preview

The Sepia Stains Tarot is Copyright Bethalynne Bajema,
All Rights Reserved.