The Tea Bats Lenormand – First Edition

The Tea Bats deck is my first petite lenormand style deck. It’s based on a Mad Hatter quote and created for my fictional characters the Von Tree sisters who run the Bat Emporium in my imaginary town of Orange Moon Downs, which can be found in my young adult serial fiction Snapdragon Tea. My Von Tree sisters offer and educate the world on all things bats during the day and then have a secret little bat cabaret by night. It’s a fun story and gives me a place to show the world my love of all things bat and tea. I created the Tea Bats deck not only as an extension of my fiction, but also as a promotional item for my tea project based on that fiction as well. The Orange Moon Tea Society features tea and tales. The tales are mine and the teas are crafted by my best tea mate Kate (a.k.a. the Wormwood Queen) and based on those tales. You can see all posts featuring my Tea Bats at this link.

Attic Cartomancy - The Tea Bats Lenormand Deck - by Bethalynne Bajema


Below are some samples of the Orange Moon Teas and some additional information about that project. You can see more at The Orange Moon Tea Society

The Orange Moon Tea Society The Orange Moon Tea Society The Orange Moon Tea Society The Orange Moon Tea Society

Do you like tea? Do you like a good story? Do you like both?! Together?!! Wonderful!! Because our sister site The Orange Moon Tea Society is just that!

Our artists, raised on the best fantasy fiction, comics and graphic novels, are also writers as well. In fact art was an opportunity to illustrate their written stories. The Tea Bats Lenormand deck is a very good example of the melding of the two. You see, over on our society site you can read all about the strange characters and creatures that inhabit the fictitious Orange Moon Downs and as you do this you can sip a cup of tea brewed from the flavors inspired by those tales. More than that, you can sip your tea, read your tales and practice a bit of tea-bat-centric cartomancy.

The Tea Bats Lenormand deck was created for the character Flossie Leather Feathers and her ever entertaining Bat Cabaret. Her little collective of performing night-wings crafted themselves upon one lovely Mad Hatter quote: “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky.” from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This deck celebrates those lil flying tea pots.