Beautiful Decks: The Winny Limited Edition Goth Tarot

The Winny Limited Edition Goth Tarot

This little beauty is from my own collection. It was gifted to me several years back now. I hate to admit that it arrived during an extremely hectic time of moving and readjusting, so shortly after I received it, it ended up being packed and lost to me for awhile. I’m probably terribly guilty of not thanking the original sender for it as well. That was the air fairy in me that I had to exorcise myself of. That aside, this is a very lovely hand drawn deck. And Winny’s packaging is simply beautiful right down to the purple ribbon divider in the tarot’s box. This was a very limited edition deck and you can only find it now by google searching and looking for anyone wanting to sell their copy. Mine is not for sale. It is a very happy part of my collection. I haven’t been very successful finding a homepage or additional information for artist Christina Fernandez a.k.a. Winny, but if I do I will surely post it.