Card of the Day: Ten of Coins from the Isidore Tarot Deck

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Isidore Tarot - Ten of CoinsSo today I decided to take my Isidore deck out for a walk and I drew the ten of coins card. In my Isidore tarot this card features a very dapper bird gentleman standing in front of his happy home of bird kin. All around them are coins that suggest good fortune. Not just as far as fiances go, but good fortune within our own lives. If things have been hard they may just be looking up. It’s a good card to pull from the deck and whether it predicts what’s to come or not, it soothes my frazzled nerves a little today. The countdown to our massive trip is down to its last days and soon we’ll be on the road. First stop Ypsilanti where my best tea mate Kate and I will help host a haunted tea party. Promptly afterwards the gent and I will travel to Grand Rapids to do a whirlwind scrape & paint job on my aunt Mira’s house. Where the funds for that are going to come I don’t know but I’m trying to have a little faith. So thank-you ten of coins, at least for this moment I can feel a little hopeful.

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