Card of the Day: The Hanged Man

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I could say that Halloween is fast coming into view so to celebrate we are starting to put our Jacks out for the season. Then I’d giggle a little. Why? Jack and every other form of Halloween thing we have is typically out year round. Halloween time simply means I switch out all of my summer flowers for autumn ones. Today Jack has selected three cards for me from my Isidore mini tarot. I have decided to touch upon the first one; if you can see it! The Hanged Man.

I’m not a fan of this card. I never have been. I think this can be strictly chalked up to how I feel about the symbolism on the card. Simply put? It bothers me. That aside, there are a few different ways to take this card. I typically think of it as a suggestion of being stuck or indecisive. Though it is also often a suggestion of giving up the lesser to gain something greater. The Hanged Man is willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good. It’s like I really want and need this now! But if I just wait and try to be patient something better might come along. There’s a lot to it. But like I originally said, for me it’s a card about being held in one place. Thankfully right now I’m only surmising it for you and not having to apply it to myself.

For the Isidore Tarot I was very mindful of keeping a certain whimsy to every card, even the darker ones. In the case of this card my hanged man is a happy little gent who was thoughtful enough to strap his hat down so he does lose it as he dangles upside down. It takes a little of the harshness out of the card’s symbolism for me without removing any of the meaning.