Card of the Day: The Lenormand Coffin

Card of the Day: The Butterfly Circus Lenormand Coffin Card

My card of the day was the Coffin selected from my Butterfly Lenormand. The everyday person might get a shudder upon pulling this card but Attic folk just smile, sort of subdued like. This is not an inherently bad card as one might think. It’s a card that signifies a great deal about a need of change. There might be an aspect of your life that needs change, or closure… or the completion of a cycle so a new cycle can begin. Change is a part of life and what keeps our lives ever evolving. Life needs change now and then.

Personally, I know for me this card represents the completion of a cycle. For a year now I have been in mourning, rebuilding and finding a new groove in a life that is so different from this time last year. Things have hit an end point and I’ve accepted that change in the current of my river, so to speak. The elder goth in me says “Right on… gloomy card…” but the person in me who loves life (as goths actually do no matter what anyone tells you) realizes things have taken a turn and are getting better, more stabilized. I don’t hate on this card. Plus I absolutely adore my coffin riding pinup silhouette on this card. I’m totally biased.

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