Card of the Day: The Lenormand’s Key

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Butterfly Circus Key

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but some things bare repeating: I’m still in the infancy of truly understanding Lenormand cards. They fascinate me with their curious array of symbolism. I think this symbolism fascinates me more knowing this was originally a German traveling game and from that someone based a system of cartomancy on it. Some cards in the deck can –at times– confuse me with their meanings as it relates to their symbolism. The Key is not one of those cards. It’s a pretty straight forward card.

The Key, as the name suggests, is about gaining access, having a breakthrough, or discovering something. I’m not quite sure as of yet as to how to relate it to my everyday using it as a single card read. Within an actual Lenormand spread I know the closer it is to my woman card the more important it becomes. The timing for the card is November, so that is fitting. It’s kind of a coincidental card to draw though. Earlier today as I was unpacking more of our moving boxes I discovered my gent’s box of (we call them) dormant keys. These are keys belonging to locks for tons of long gone doors. My gent keeps them because he believes the more types of keys you have the more able you’ll be to find the right one to open a locked door. *This card is from my Butterfly Circus Lenormand. I just got done watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and was inspired to give it some bling! Till tomorrow, enjoy the day.