Card of the Day: The Lenormand’s Tower

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Butterfly Circus Lenormand Tower

I like to change up the decks that I do my card of the day draws from just as I like changing the style of deck. I’m still learning the Lenormand deck (yes, you can keep learning even after creating one and visually tackling the symbolism) and when I use it for a card of the day I’m reminded how these cards work better when in reference to other cards. However, doing these single card summaries are helping me learn them on a card by card basis. That said! Today’s card is from my Butterfly Circus deck and is the Tower.

In this card my performer is alone at the top of a tower and can suggest she is either isolated high above or that she’s on high guarding over those around her below. I guess it could also be both! In the past towers were a place of protection or where persons of authority locked themselves away in. There are a variety of interpretations when you go past the simple one word meanings. I think it comes down to the question being asked, what you’re trying to meditate on and what cards are drawn around it. This will have to be a to be continued kind of day card. I’ll tackle this card again.