Card of the Day: The Lenormand Mountain

Card of the Day - Tea Bats Lenormand - MountainI love this card but only in design. For some reason the mountain cards in my two lenormand decks are my favorites. Maybe unconsciously I wanted to soften the blow this card can present sometimes. The symbolism of this card is that of an obstacle. Something is there that is getting in the way. If I apply it to myself I’d say it represents the situation going on with my aunt’s house and the changes in my old neighborhood that are keeping her from feeling comfortable. I feel too far away from her to help out as I should. Getting her house properly updated and in good shape stands between me finding my peace of mind. The mountain gives me a little kick in the bum so that I stop just looking at the thing in front of me as an obstacle and start figuring out how to get past it. Maybe I’ll jump in my tea bat’s umbrella and let him fly me over it!

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