Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Empress

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Attic Halloween Tarots Empress Card

The one thing I didn’t mention in my Emperor card of the day post was how I always view that card as representing my gent. He is the sun to my moon. I remember reading once that Aries is related to the Emperor card as Taurus is related to the Empress card. This is he and I respectively, though I have since learned it kind of depends on who you ask about sun signs and their related tarot cards. The point being, when I do these cards in my decks I think of he and I. So much so that he’s actually the model for my Sepia Stains Emperor card. So I find it interesting to get the Empress card the day after the other.

If the Emperor is the father of the tarot the Empress is its mother. She represents fertility, beauty and expression through creativity. She represents how I look upon the world. I see the beauty in nature, the beauty in creation, and just how incredible our world is when we take a good look at it. I think after having gone through all that fuss of the first major holiday in my home, the days after felt like a moment to take a breath and smile; to look around me and see how beautiful my world is and how that beauty tries to present itself in all that I do. I hope it does at least.

That said, the Empress card here is from my Attic Halloween Tarot. The appearance of this Empress may seem to contradict a few of those thoughts and I’m not sure if my explanation behind it will help that any. The card is also titled The Immortal Masquerade and pictures a once beautiful woman who has lived many years and puts her beauty back on in the form of a mask before she goes back into the world. She’s surrounded by beautiful things, but also reminders that beauty is fleeting. Her eyes are bright though and she has learned a thing or two over her many years. What you see might be cracking but what lay beneath is eternal. When I made the card I played Berlin’s Masquerade over and over. Lyrically it’s a bit of a strange melancholy song, but the melody is upbeat and it just makes me happy, just as the Empress card makes me happy. The strange lass looking over the card is my Lizzy Borden Living Dead Doll (why yes, I am the keeper of strange things) and she was helping me with some product photography and just had to throw herself into the mix.