Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Five of Pentacles

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - Black Ibis Tarot - Five of Pentacles

The five of pentacles is one of those cards, I’ve come to learn, that suggests very different stories depending on whether it lands upright or reversed. Upwards it deals with a financial strife or loss and all the things that come along with such a thing. Given how much value our society puts on having wealth, the loss of such wealth can affect someone in a number of negative ways beyond being a bit poorer.

Far too often many of us place our self worth on what material goods we have, how nice our house is, or how different the rich often get treated next to the poor. We might spend much of our lives excessively devoted to making more money and moving up the financial ladder. How many relationships ultimately implode because the couples stress so much over their income and bills? Money or lack of it is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for many of us. This card should make you take a moment to think about what your relationship with money is and how that affects how you conduct yourself. Would a financial loss be more than just a lightening of your wallet? Or would it be a stab at your self esteem?

It’s not all about money though. It can suggest something much more personal. Do you feel alone? Do you feel set aside from those around you? Are you needing someone to reach out and comfort you back into the fold? Or are you just feeling run down or drained? Are you looking out into the world and missing something potentially great in front of you because you’re too focused on something else?

How would I relate this to myself? (As I try to do when I pull cards and think on them.) I was fortunate that my insurance covered a great deal of the big issues with my fall this past autumn. I’m not sure what we would have done if I needed to cover the bill just for my face/eye surgery. So for that I feel blessed. That aside, there were many small bills that needed to be covered that threw our budget out of whack. There was downtime from my shoppe that took out a good deal of my income between the gent and I. We don’t only cover our household either; my aunt has always looked out for me over the years and now that she’s needed help we’ve been helping with certain bills for her. We fell into a bit of a hole as I recovered and I felt guilty for it. Aside from the financial burdens, I felt alone. Back home in Michigan I would have had the benefit of my family popping in and out as I mended and my aunt would have been there for me around the clock. Here in Ohio I get a bit isolated during the day with my car in the shop. My gent commutes to work at dawn and doesn’t get home till dusk. My conversations tend to be with the cats and plants. It felt worse while I healed though because it seemed much of our interactions with my gent’s family disappeared as their lives went on. Autumn was a mess of difficulties and set backs. This card acts as a reminder to that.

But as I said, there are two sides to this coin. Despite the set back, the new year slipped in and things started to look up. I have most of my strength back and the ability to devote my time and attentions to my projects and shop. I was able to create two new sides of my Isidore tarot and offer them to the world. My car is one new battery away from making me mobile during day time hours again. I can get back to my Y water aerobics group and talk to someone other than my fluff balls. I can help my aunt out again and only have it make our budget tight for the moment, not in the red as before. In other words, life s feeling a bit better these days. A good reminder of how it took a turn for awhile goes a long way in being reminded of one’s blessings.