Card of the Day: The Tarots Four of Coins

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Isidore Tarot Four of Coins

In the original Rider Waite Smith deck the four of coins shows a man possessively holding his coins close to him. So much so that he can’t stand up and walk away for fear of losing possession of the two coins his feet are protecting. In the Isidore Tarot the same message is trying to be conveyed via this, uh, we’ll say pup owl mix? 😉 The creature’s wings are keeping guard over two coins, while its claws hold the other two coins in place. This bird cannot fly without giving up that control of his coins. That’s the nature of this card: Both positive and negative depending on how you choose to guard over and control the possessions you’ve worked very hard to come by.

The coins suit, overall, appeals to my Taurus nature when it comes to material things or wealth. It makes me think because I have some hang-ups when it comes to having things. I grew up very poor in a rather chaotic household. The only time I felt any sense of security was when I spent my summers at my father’s house, which was fairly well off, lacking in the chaos, and I knew I would be able to lay down in my bed with good sheets at night and wake up to a healthy breakfast and a day that was going to be routine and most likely safe. Because of this I have triggers when it comes to my environment and what makes me feel safe.

I relate well to this card because I find my security in having the resources to take care of my life and the people around me. I guard over every cent and I’m very proud of any coinage my pursuits provide me. It gives me confidence. However, I’ll never be able to forget my upbringing; the two sides of it. This might lead me to being too possessive of my things, my fiances. It can sometimes lead me to wanting to give into greed. It’s a balancing act and that’s what I meditate on when I see this card.

The four of coins can represent being in a place where you know what works and in needing that control you become inflexible to change. You might be too concerned with controlling everything around you to keep it that way–to keep the status quo and the security it brings. There is something positive in protecting what you work hard to earn and the life it provides, but sometimes change can’t be avoided so it’s good to allow a little flexibility in life. That’s a hard concept for me at of late. So today this card gave me pause to sit and think about things a little. What does it make you think about?