Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Knight of Swords

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Isidore Tarot Knight of Swords

Ah my little snail friend from the Isidore Tarot’s Knight of Swords card. In the Rider Waite Smith deck this card features a knight with his sword lifted and his horse charging. There is no stopping him when he’s set his mind to something, for good or bad. My Knight of Swords features a type of rhinoceros beetle riding his mighty snail steed. To me they both represent creatures that once set on a path will see that path through even if you set something in their way. They just go go go even if that go harms them. That’s my take on this card. Go go go. Don’t worry about what you might run into, just see the idea in front of you, the goal, and move towards it and worry about everything else later. I hate to admit this card represents me far better than I’d like to admit.

I’m a goal oriented person. When I set a goal for myself I don’t let much of anything get in my way. On one hand this has always been a good thing for me because without it I wouldn’t have accomplished half of what I have in life. On the other hand it hasn’t always made me a thoughtful person to those around me or those who fit into that goal somehow. I have a lot of responsibilities these days and allowing a goal to so blindly drive me like it used to is nearly impossible. This card is a very good reminder of that fact and something that was good for me this week, especially with the new deck I’m working on.

My new project has been helping me a bit this week as I feel the draining physical effects of something I’ve been putting off. It relates to a five month health adventure I went through last summer. I have to have follow-up surgery soon and I know it will be far more painful than the original surgery from last year. I’ll have to juggle my home and my business with limited hands on help during my recovery time. And I hate taking painkillers. They jumble my thoughts and make me a pod on the couch. This is making me anxious. When I get anxious I seek to lose myself in my creating or writing. I have no other desire than to tuck myself into a new project and let it calm me and tune things out, but I know in doing so I would let other things slip to the wayside. The Knight of Swords reminds me that I need to remember how to balance one thing with the other. If you happen to draw this card at some point that is a good thing to keep in mind: Ambition and a desire to fulfill your goals is not a bad thing when you find your balance with the things that might get pushed aside in that process. If you happen to see this card reversed it’s more of an impulsive push forward without taking the time to know your direction. Your thoughts might be scattered or hard to focus on. Or having nervous energy and no place to put it. Take a breath, focus, find the best way to move forward. This is what I’m trying to remember to do.