Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Lovers

Attic Cartomancy - The Lovers

It’s storming outside. Let’s play hand model! *jazz hands* I can’t believe I’ve never had the Lovers card on the site yet. I must be overlooking at it, which is alright. I tend to have a different thing to say about a card depending on my mood. In this case, my mood is all about the relationship nature of this card. Today I’m going to let it represent my gent and I.

I met my gent online more than twenty years ago. He was a fellow artist and graphic designer. We chatted off and on for awhile until my health acted up again and I took a break from my sites and clients. He wouldn’t let me disappear though. He wrote my then boyfriend (who had become my ex in that time) to see if I was alright. I got the message and called him and we talked. This led to him smoothly asking me to share a table with him at a convention. Over the next four months leading up to said con we got to know each other A LOT better. By the time he stepped off the airplane and I met him in person we were in love. We’ve had nearly no time apart since that time.

Our neighbors next to us fight a lot. They’re young and jumped into a marriage I think because they thought it would heal all their insecurities and issues with one another. She came over one night after a fight and talked with me. She asked me how Myke and I managed to be so close and connected. She wanted that. I told her we didn’t start out that way. That together we have battled so many things and lived through so much together. I said he was my very best friend and I didn’t like being away from him. She didn’t quite like that answer, but that’s all I had. Relationships typically don’t come ready made, you have to work at them. And that work will manifest itself in so many different ways and some of them will catch you off guard.

In my time with my gent we’ve had highs and lows. We have traveled all avenues of this card from upright to downward. We’ve come to a crossroad on a few occasions where taking the wrong turn might have ended us. More than once I tried to hide away from the consequences of my actions and their impact on him. Throughout that time, as we worked on our own baggage and personal demons, we tried to stay focused and use our heads. The longer we’ve been together, the closer we’ve become. Eleven years later and we’ve achieved a wonderful balance and relationship. To think we’ve been engaged for ten of those years.

We came to our last major decision, which also makes me think of this card. We are together always, but there are someways we’re still separate. Because we weren’t legally married Myke had to fight trauma staff to let him in to see me when I was first brought in by ambulance, and it only got worse at the bigger trauma center. I had no voice for me when he wasn’t there. We also have a house we’re looking into. A fixer upper but on a nice plot of land. I asked him if now wasn’t the right time to make it legal. We have our rings. We have our marriage license. And on the fourth we’ll be getting married. It was meant to be a small affair where our friend Ted married us. My sister-in-law is determined to make it a good day. Which is nice. Neither the gent or I are good with those things. Technically we’re going back to my hometown to finish the paint job on my aunt’s house we started and see if there’s anyway for us to fix her plumbing. We just thought it would be nice for Ted to marry us. It should be interesting.

A side note–of all my decks I love this version of the Lovers the best. I think it’s just a beautiful moment of two people caught in a dance. They’re in perfect harmony. I think that represents the card well.

Lastly: Bonus stuffs! When I posted this picture on my instagram account I told a silly tale about a childhood memory. I’m tucking it away here. 😉

Hand model time! As an 80s kid I was obsessed with Duran Duran. And of course even more obsessed with seeing videos of theirs that were not allowed on Mtv. The holy grail of these videos was The Chauffeur. It was terribly scandalous when I finally saw it. Which kind of shows how vastly different my tween years were to today. It’s basically an arty 80s version of a Victoria Secrets commercial with one pair of bare breasts at the end.

There is this one brief scene where they show a woman’s hand moving over a vanity top full of jewelry and the like. She selects what looks like a small piece of mirror. I absolutely loved that. I would make my own lil vanity scene and take pictures with my hand stacked with jewelry over top whatever treasures I found to decorate. Film plus film developing for my old camera… I spent a good chunk of my allowance on that stuff. But I love still-life scenes.

I’m not sure a young me would have been able to comprehend having a camera with instantly ready photos that could then immediately be shared with the world. A young me probably would have been “ooh no. That sounds like a way to get in trouble.” Ha! But I like that I can still play dress up to show off my decks. Pictured here the lovers card from my Black Ibis Tarot.