Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Moon

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Black Ibis Tarot Moon Card

I’m taking a break from what has been a very busy twelve hours. When running my business I always want things to be big and fabulous. I want my shoppe to be as wonderful as the shoppes I adore and have tried to model it after. This used to be easier when I had more hands on help from my family. I have cyber help from the family, but have to do much of the actual physical work myself. I’m also the creator of most of what we sell so that makes me chase my tail now and then. I guess you could say I get anxious sometimes and have doubts about how well I’m doing. I’m not sure drawing the Moon helps with that feeling.

I was a little conflicted when I first started learning about the nature of the Moon card. I’ve grown up with this fantastical idea of the moon being like a glowing mother in the sky, always looking down and keeping track of me. It plays into my writing and art quite a bit. No matter where I’m at I can look up at the moon and know my place and feel good. This conflicts with what I’ve learned to be the traditional explanation of this card. It deals more with things that are not always positive. It’s a walk in the dark you may be making. It’s having to set aside what you think is a very knowledgeable inner voice and instead embrace intuition. Today this card doesn’t really speak to me. It popped up rather soon after Sepia Stains Moon card, which I consider the two to have very different meanings.

The version of the Moon shown here is from the first edition of my Black Ibis Tarot. Aesthetically as far as my artwork goes, it’s absolutely one of my favorite cards. It has a special meaning aside from being apart of the tarot. The models for my Black Ibis Sun, Moon and Star cards are Meredith Yayanos, Zoetic Ebb and Nadja Lev respectively. Each of these women are incredibly talented individuals who I look up to and have had the pleasure of knowing over the years. When I asked them if they would be in the deck they requested these three cards. At the time they were working together on their magazine Coilhouse and they wanted to be my celestials. Zoetica, who uses the moon to represent herself, especially wanted to be on this card and I was happy I could oblige her. On that note, back to work with me! 😉