Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Moon

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - From the Sepia Stains Tarot - The Moon

The Moon finds me yet again, though in the tarot tradition. Today’s Moon card is from my Sepia Stains Tarot and is very different to the other moon cards of the tarot I’ve illustrated. My brief definitions for it in the deck’s companion book go back to older traditions regarding this card, but with this deck brief meanings also go along with the story behind the card. The meaning is better represented in the snippet of writing from the Black Ibis graphic novel that accompanies the artwork and card meaning. It’s how I see the moon as an entity and how I’ve come to view it within this deck. For me it can be somewhat negative or positive depending on how I’m feeling in that moment, but there’s always an underlining beauty to it that I always feel. From that snippet of writing:

“The moon… for so long she was my mother lost to the night. When I woke to my room as a child and my mother was not there, I would go to the window and look up into the night sky and see that brilliant crescent glowing above and I would speak to her. And I swear to you she answered back with soft words and blessings cast upon my forehead to keep me safe… to keep the fear and loneliness at bay. The moon… she was my keeper. Then life found me… the turbulence of war found me… and when I was at my lowest I looked up towards the night sky and saw her there in full bloom; this is how I knew it would be alright.”

A small note about the design of this card: This is the third edition version of the deck. My card’s character–Bone, the second sister–has some coverings where she was naked in the original. The nudity always made the deck difficult to get printed. Pop stars can move around nearly naked these days but I can’t get a piece of art printed because there’s the suggestion of breasts. Then one night, just as I was falling asleep, Bone leaned in from my thoughts and whispered: I’ll always be me. A butterfly might be nice. And so it was she had a little more depth added to her card. I find her absolutely beautiful and like her third incarnation a great deal.