Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Queen of Cups

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Isidore Tarot Queen of Cups

I like the queen of cups. She’s the type of woman I’d like to see myself as. She’s emotionally secure and has a warm heart. You will find no one more compassionate. She probably doesn’t spend a lot of time re-living a particular moment with a family member who said something that–after a little thought–might have been bad. She’s beyond that kind of thing; this is why I have a little ways to go to truly channel this fine lady.

Like the surface of the water she represents, the queen of cups is able to act as a reflection of those things deep inside of us. She thinks with compassion, empathy, and speaks straight from the heart. When she offers advice it comes from a place of experience. She’s a creative lass as well, and I am all about the arty types. This is not a bad card to draw, though in the wrong position or moment, she can be a suggestion that things are not necessarily all good emotionally. If you draw this card take a moment to look inward and then to those around you and evaluate the nature of those relationships.

With the Isidore Tarot (pictured here) I went a little more my way than the RWS version. My queen of cups reflects my love of mermaids. I love water and have been known to say I’m a reincarnated mermaid, so it seemed fitting to make my water queen one. (I think I said the same thing for my knight of cups.) I wanted her to have a sense of calm and inner reflection as she sits on her comfortable throne on her wave of water.