Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Strength

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Black Ibis Tarots Strength

It’s not a quiet Sunday. Today is shoppe inventory day. Tins, boxes, drawstring bags, flower petals, labels, books, and on and on, it all needs to be counted and compared to my stock sheets and make sure all my inventory is on hand as it is in paper. Then the shoppe’s website needs a good cleaning to make sure everything is up to date. It’s all busywork really, to help keep my mind off of tomorrow. It seems appropriate to draw the strength card.

The strength card is pretty much self explanatory. This card represents inner strength and using that strength to overcome what life throws at you. Not only overcoming these things, but doing so with maturity and thoughtfulness. That’s not always an easy task, especially when there is fear involved. Fear is an annoying beast. Fear has that need to undermine your strength.

I’m tangoing with fear today. I meet my new doctor tomorrow and it took a lot to admit to my gent that I’m quite afraid of the approaching morning. This is a conversation that happened after hours of fluttering around the house without pause. Anxiety has a way of doing that to me. He tells me I just need to be strong and remember what will happen is what will happen and that I’ve weathered through far worse things. Then he tells me to take a breath. To exhale.

So as I sit here taking that breather, I’m staring at this card and thinking about that. Life is not an easy creature to master, but there are ways to make it a smoother process. Believing you have the strength to take on and battle through anything that life tosses at you ultimately helps make it smoother because it helps keep that fear in check. So I’m going to meditate on that a bit before I start fluttering about again.

Oh! A side note. I love taking my card photos. In this one I have my little zebra succulent newborns. I call them the twins. I love plants and am learning how to force my green thumb to get green. I’ve found I’m particularly good nurturing succulents. They’re very just let me do my own thing and I’ll be fine. Perfect! I was quite excited to see these little guys (along with their brother Eric, potted on his own as he’s way bigger) growing. Little things do make me happy.