Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Sun

Attic Cartomancy Card of the Day The Isidore Tarot's Sun

The card of the day is from my Isidore Tarot and features the sun. This is a good card. It represents success and abundance. I like to think it literally represents warmth. When this card comes up I like to sit back and look out the window and take a deep breath. I think about no matter what is going on, the day is beautiful, I feel positive, and I just kind of want to smile. It’s a good card to meditate on.

Pictured here is not the card itself, but an art print of it with some embellishing. I did these long ago for a special Isidore sale. I’m thinking I might put art prints for the deck back up. I was getting a little overwhelmed for awhile there with small orders. I especially enjoy embellishing prints. Anyhoo, today’s entry is a little light. I suggest going outside and enjoying the day. 😉