Card of the Day: The Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Isidore Tarot Wheel of Fortune

It’s a sleepy day here. The sun is shining but the world outside my door feels distinctly winter-like. As I sleepily move through the house in my robe and wooden shoe *slippers I find myself in the kitchen absently staring at my plants in the window and looking past them to a moving truck in the neighbor’s lawn. Things are a changing today. I decided to change with them. Just a tiny bit. I don’t reach for my faithful owl cup to load up with ice and iced tea; I instead pull out my fox mug and turn to warm, hazelnut coffee. With cup in hand and eyes looking thoughtfully out the window, I might look like a woman in deep, introspective thought. Upstairs in the Bethalynne wheelhouse though the only thing to be heard in my thoughts is Yup, yup, awww yup… looks like we won’t have the anti fragrant smells of skunk-weed waffling through the windows anymore. God speed yee ole pot head neighbors. May they have better pot where you’re moving to.

After that moment of morning zen I take a seat at my desk and open up my laptop (this one is named Ophelia, my last one was Roy Batty) to start my morning rituals. Personal email is checked. Shoppe email is checked. I pull together my order list for the day and what products need to be plucked from their temporary cabinet homes. I put in an order for books and tins, give my Threadless tee shirt shop a pleased pat on the head because it’s doing so well, and then take a few minutes to answer a series of questions a high school art student has sent me. With that done I quickly move into my house and get whatever cleaning needs to be done. I can’t focus when the house is untidy. I then grab some breakfast, decide on which color of yoga pants will be my comfort clothing of the day, spend twenty minutes in front of Wii yoga, and finally select whatever Netflix series will be my background noise of the day while I work. This is any given weekday for me the creature of habit. So when I finally take a moment to draw a card and log more time in with my cartomancy studies, I’m not as happy as others might be to see the Wheel of Fortune card.

A creature of habit does not always like seeing something that represents change or the up and down times of a cycle. I’ve spent two years of change and working to find my sense of home, order and routine. I grew up in a very chaotic environment where change was always threatening. With custody issues between my divorced parents to winters with mom and summers with dad in a different state, my corner of the world was hard to keep still and stable. I embraced that chaos as a twenty something and traveled, experienced, and just plain exhausted myself on doing things enough for most of my lifetime. So when I finally settled down routines became my security blanket. I’ve had so little of that security as of late, I don’t want to think of change now.

With all that said, this is not a bad card just as change is not always a bad thing. Our lives will always be a series of cycles and things are not meant to remain at one point in that cycle the entire time. If an individual wasn’t presented with some sort of change to their environment they might not have the opportunity to grow from it or experience something new that lets them realize the routines we need to keep can always be made better by something positive and new coming into them. We have to work with the change and keep it positive. Be it luck or karma it seems like what we put into the world comes back around to us so best to put something good out there and hope it comes back around on that great wheel. The key is to stay positive.

This Wheel of Fortune card is from my Isidore Tarot –the special Valentine edition. Aesthetically I adore my automaton feline geisha on this card. Like with many of the cards in this deck I keep the basic symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith deck but tried to take a more whimsical approach to it. My dame of fortune oversees her wheel of hats. Each hat represents something different to her and how her fortunes will play out. She has three little helpers with art brushes in hand to help paint out those scenes. She has just a hint of a small smile on her face. She is surrounded by four fixed signs of the zodiac. My own personal fusses aside, this is a good card. You have to look at your life and see what changes might be coming your way. Have a good day!

*Towards the end of my last summer trip to my aunt’s home in MI I was feeling a little melancholy over leaving it again. I’m not good with goodbyes to begin with and I miss our apartment over her garage. We’d finally gotten it remodeled and much of it was devoted to studio space. I don’t like leaving my aunt or the family home that has so much memorabilia of my family. So my gent went out and bought me some Dutch oriented things to have in our new home when I returned to give me that piece of family here. It was sweet. These wooden shoe slippers though are obnoxious. But very warm. Especially when getting out of bed in an attic bedroom that simply refuses to retain heat.