The Butterfly Circus Coffin Apparel

Butterfly Circus Coffin Pinup A Line Dress from RedBubble

I adore RedBubble. I love all the unique products they offer that allow someone like me, with a small budget to work with, the opportunity to design interesting things with this large collection of artwork I have at my disposal. In deciding what things to have as apart of my blog I knew I wanted to pay a lot of lip service to my Attic Cartomancy RedBubble profile. Like my blog, my AC profile is new and I’m slowly designing and adding products to it. So my very first design is devoted to my Coffin card from my Butterfly Circus Lenormand. Turns out the Butterfly Circus artwork is pretty versatile.

RedBubble has a new interface where your product isn’t just adjusted to an item, often making some items look wonky, but where you can upload specific files for that item. I’ve taken advantage of this by creating items with different styles of this card’s artwork on them. And in the case of some items where the artwork doesn’t quite fit with it, such as the leggings, I’ve taken the gradient and card colors to create an item that compliments the other items. I invested in a tee shirt and matching leggings to see what they’re like in person. Pictured here is their a-line dress. I love it! So I hope you’ll take a moment to have a look and perhaps find something there you like! More to come.