Have Tea Party will Travel

Attic Cartomancy: A collection decks

It’s been hectic in my attic! Back in Michigan calling my work space The Attic was for effect, but here I’m being literal. The second floor of our rental house is just a massive attic. One side is bedroom, the other side of the stairwell is my shoppe space. At the bottom of the stairs is the actual bedroom for the house, which serves as a studio/work-space for my husband and I. Today the attic space has tumbled down the stairs as I try and pull a smaller traveling vendor set-up for my tea party tomorrow night.

I go through decks quickly enough that I don’t always have a chance to get a look at them altogether. I set them all out today to take a quick inventory and took a second to give them a quick snapshot. It feels like a Halloween party where all my kids stopped in and I managed to get a family portrait. Almost anyway, there are still several different decks and variations of these not present. Still makes me happy. Now I have to get all these kids tucked into my travel case and go wrangle my queen bee costume from the closet!