New Isidore for the New Year

So now that I’ve tucked the second edition of the Isidore Tarot away, it’s time to have a preview of the brand spanking new third edition. Below is a link to a preview of the new deck. The modifications to the deck are minor and yet still quite different from the previous versions. The biggest change is the removal of the white borders. The card artwork is now full bleed. My personal preference is full bleed card artwork without the borders. For me–I don’t know if it’s a graphic artist quirk or just my eye–I don’t care for borders. I like the artwork to be colorful and to be all that is viewed within the space allowed. My first deck lacks borders. And even though the artwork is not a full picture style, I like the continuation of the background design to the edges. Not everyone prefers this though. So with my second deck I offered decorative borders. With the Isidore deck I kept a standard white border around the artwork. When I found (in reviews) that some deck adopters were cutting off the white edges, I had to spend a little more time researching what is popular and why people have their preferences.

My preview deck has been ordered and is on route to me. The digital preview is incredibly nice, but I’ll be able to better judge when I have the actual deck in hand. I’ve had so many requests for a borderless version though that this edition seemed very important, especially when I still have previous editions I can offer if need be. More to come!
The Isidore Tarot Third Edition Pre-Sale