Projects: The Beginnings of My Oracle Deck

Attic Cartomancy - New Projects - Creating an Oracle Deck - First Card

I love new projects. I think I mentioned recently in one of my card of the day readings how easy it is for me to be sucked away from the world into a new project. I have the start & basic ideas for three very different decks, but my main focus is on this oracle deck. This is a sample of the first of fourteen cards I already have done. It’s a lovely creature that is inventing itself. It keeps whispering for me to set down my shoppe and client work for just a few minutes and tinker with it but I know that whisper. A few minutes turns into hours with a Netflix marathon going on in the background.

I really do enjoy working with an established set of ideas that I can be either very straight with or sway a bit to my own tune. The Isidore Tarot was a deck I modeled on a very familiar and established system and the only thing I really changed was taking my favorite artist’s work (J.J. Grandville) and reworking it a little to fit within that mold; with a touch of my wonky thoughts. In this new project I’m focusing on Mucha (Who doesn’t just absolutely die over this man’s gorgeous work?) and withdrawing his women from that world and inserting them in my own and giving them a new face. Not an absolutely new face. Just going in with my artist’s hand and making them a bit more bright, wide or large eyed. I want each card to be immediately familiar and at the same time new. This is how I like to approach most of my collage projects.

I’m working on the system behind the deck at the moment. I have three sets of symbolism that I’m finding a way to work cohesively with one another. The only thing I’m having to work through is the desire to simply write my fiction around the cards and characters and turn it into a story rather than a deck that was created for the sake of the deck. I don’t know how to explain it. I like giving a well thought out mythology to all the things I do. This is a start though. I have temporary card names for each at the moment. This is The Woman with the Klimt Tattoo. More samples to come.