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Attic Cartomancy The Unfinished Celestial Royalty Tarot

In keeping with a comment made in my previous post, this is one of those started decks that’s sitting in my What were you thinking? folder. This one comes from about three years ago. I was just visiting Ohio after my gent moved down here ahead of me. I was hanging out in a basically empty house with no internet access, only a bag packed for a long weekend, and my laptop. Before leaving MI I had just come upon a treasure trove of black and white drawings, as well as a folder full of vintage celestial maps and diagrams. I wondered what kind of hot mess I could turn those two things into.

So as I sat looking over a giant bundle of my most favorite things (that would be public domain works that can be put into a collage) I thought about how nice it would be to create a very dark, stark, and without thrills sort of deck of cards. Something basically simple, but not without an attractive aesthetic. So I started toying with my two folders and these are the cards that started coming of it. Ultimately I went a little more colorful with a card and it turned into the Fool for my Halloween tarot. This idea was set to the side and instead my very colorful, vintage painting collage Halloween deck was born. Every now and then, as with the Bete Noire cards, I consider revisiting it. It just comes down to time management and which of my projects is most important to me. Right now my Blood and Ink Lenormand has my heart so it gets what little free time I have. I still like its understated charm. I might end up using it as a prop of sorts in my next work of fiction. I nicknamed it Celestial Royalty.

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Bethalynne Bajema is a life long artist and writer who works as art director for her family business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. Among other projects, she's a prolific collectable card deck maker, adding tarot, lenormand and regular playing card decks to her portfolio over the past decade. When not working or taunting squirrels, you can follow her attempts to become a Practical Magic aunt on instagram or visit her online portfolio.