The Lydia Tarot Pre Order at IndieGoGo

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumn Scenes

If you’ll notice to the right there is a swanky icon announcing that a campaign for the Lydia Tarot is now going over at Indiegogo. Yays! Originally this was the time I was going to be launching a campaign for the Oracle and Flutter-byes oracle deck, but that project has been going rather slow and ultimately took the backseat to the Lydia deck, which was starting to create itself. The attention it has been getting has been wonderful! So it seemed fitting to turn my campaign intentions towards it during these wonderful autumn months. This is a soft launch for the moment. I was determined to get the campaign launched Sept 13th. To do that I had to juggle finishing the minors, keeping up with Isidore Tarot orders, and I’m working with someone to have my decks as apart of their tea and tarot subscription boxes. It’s been a bit busy and I did a lot of it in a cough syrup daze thanks to an early smack of the flu. This is me twirling in a circle singing the Wonder Woman theme song. Today I’m making my way through my sites and updating info on the deck.

I replaced all the cards on the Lydia Tarot’s page with the final, edited versions. All the typos are gone and a few of the cards have changed a little. I have a site dedicated to the deck here. Much like my Isidore Tarot there is a lot of extra stuff that goes along with this deck that I wanted to have a dedicated space for it. As we move closer to Halloween there will be more and more about this Madam Lydia and the deck she created. You know me, everything has a story. So now I bid you ah-do (proper spelling hahaha I don’t has it) as I get some stuff updated and make another trip to the post office. 🙂