The Scarlet Girl – The Oracles & Flutter-Bye Oracle

I’ve worked on quite a few things today. That is just the nature of my day. What has given me the most pleasure is adding to the mythology of my Orange Moon Oracle. You see, it’s a combination of the story I’ve written for it (which is simply my inspiration) and how that writing translates into how to look at the card. This is all very important to me. I’m diligently working on how to organize and streamline this whole process so it doesn’t seem wonky. My oracle deck was born in my fiction, but is rooted in my life and how that relates to simply living. So below is the introduction to my Scarlet Girl card. What comes after, which you’ll have to see with the deck itself, is how the reading of it plays out. 😉

Azure held the vibrantly colored card in her hand and found a smile playing on her lips as the Scarlet Girl winked at her. She looked up and found the face from the card standing in front of her. She was still slightly hazy and undefined, but with each moment that passed she came into sharper focus and better detail. Still, there was a subtle dreaminess to her form that refused to pass. She was neither a ghost or an illusion; she was simply a vision.

“I gave you a name when I sat down and put fresh paint to an old canvas. Something told me to use hues that can only be seen and truly experienced by taking the reddest of roses and holding them underneath the brilliant afternoon sun. There, in that moment, there are so many shades of red, scarlet, and a litany of amber and oranges. These are the rarest shades and I wanted them to be yours. Though other than seeing a name on your shoulder and a profound twinkle in your eye, I don’t think I quite know you yet. Who are you my scarlet girl? What type of oracle do you present yourself to be?

The oracle graced Azure with a very warm smile. That smile radiated towards her and wrapped itself around her like a warm embrace. She felt loved, she felt good.

“I am painted in all the shades of a fine and brilliant heart and it is the heart I represent. I am the embodiment of absolute love, devotion, and respect. I am not the action of it, but the simple and genuine feeling of it. My offering and my wisdom is to help you set aside that which gets in the way of feeling these things in their purest form. I have no prophecy. I am no such type of oracle. The absolute only thing that I can predict is that in life there is always a moment where these things, these feelings, can be taken away for one reason or another. When this is the case, I implore to embrace the feeling, weather the hurt, and know that the pain comes from having felt something so wonderful to begin with. And know there is a place beyond that hurt where the memory is what is to cherish and the pain to be let go of…”

Follow the deck creation here. Or you can better embrace the story aspect of it here. More to come.