The Scarlet Girl

Attic Cartomancy - Oracles and Flutter-Byes - Scarlet Girl Card

Yesterday I made my first dedicated card post for my Oracles & Flutter-Byes deck. This was for the Scarlet Girl card pictured here in its finished state. I completed the outline for the card’s information page then and better organized the info to explain how this card might be used in guided meditation. My take on an oracle deck is something that offers insightful counsel or just helps you process your thoughts. Pick a card, focus on its message and let your thoughts go. This is pretty much how I approach most of my decks when I read for myself.

Yesterday’s post featured the creative writing part of the card. Today I wanted to post the final card artwork in full and detail, with a little of the card meaning. From the companion book:

“The Scarlet Girl represents two sides of a coin: On one side is how wonderful it is to feel loved, to have someone’s adoration or devotion, to feel beautiful, and finding yourself respected. The other side of that coin is the pain that can be so deeply felt when losing any of those things, especially someone’s love. And even though it represents these feelings that are most often associated with relationships, it is not a card that asks you to think about that relationship directly or in technical terms. This card, when used for meditation, asks you to simply take a breath, close your eyes, and think honestly about how that relationship feels. Do you feel the love? Do you feel respected? Do you feel the devotion to you that you have been offering in return? And this isn’t always a question asked for a romantic relationship. Life is filled with so many different types of relationships but there will always be certain things we need for them to consist of. If not love than respect.”

There is of course more to the card notes, but that’s to be offered with the complete deck and book. I just wanted to start offering a better idea of what I’m working with and the direction I’m taking this project. More to come.