The Unfinished Deck of Nightmares

Attic Cartomancy The Unfinished Bete Noir Tarot

As a pretty busy-busy artist I have a rather massive inventory of art at my disposal. Much of it is grouped into collections by style and tone. Perhaps one of my most favorite collections is my Bete Noire series of nightmare collages. They were, for me, the perfect combination of Victorian dread, childhood fears that slowly grew into irrational adult fears, and the taking of the human form and twisting it from something recognizable to something horrific. Though of course they’re meant to be beautiful in a dark way as well.

When I have any collected art I think about what I could do with it beyond just displaying it. So of course my first thought with this collection was to turn it into a very dark tarot deck. I think it would be the closest thing to a goth tarot I do. I got a little ways into the process and realized I would need to start making fresh collages to have all that I needed. Given how much was going on at the time the work needed was not something I had time to devote to. So I retired it to my unfinished folder. That folder sits right next to my what the hell were you thinking? folder. Both taunt me now and then to open them up and revisit a project or bad idea. Above are samples from this unfinished deck.