What? Even More New Isidore?

So just after previewing the third edition of this beloved deck of mine, I have another version to throw out there? Ah’yup. I’m about to do the first pre-order from the third edition and it’s just a hiccup behind the special edition I’m going to offer for spring. I want to make sure potential deck adopters can see them both.

The autumn special edition of the deck is special packaging and an alternative deck back. With the spring special edition I’ve been planning I wanted the whole color scheme to be turned around. I wanted to take the rose and gold of the third edition and make it more sand and water. Thus we get the Sand and Sea Spring Edition of the Isidore deck. All the original red hues have been changed into a water palate of blues and teals. The golds are either a bit more subdued to a sandy color or brightened up a bit like the sun is shining down. I find (let me set my humbleness to the side) the major arcana turned out just beautiful. The beautiful thing about matching gold/sandy colors is they work really well with an opposite but vivid color. This is harder to do with the minor arcana simply because the suits are color coded to match the elements they represent. To get around this I tried to make certain related colors more pronounced.

The third edition pre-sale starts the 23rd of January and this special edition will be right behind it on the 26th.
The Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition