Comfy Chair Vending is Comfy

So this little note explains where I went to poof on Bat Appreciation day. Boo to that. So I’m off on A.C. posts. It’s been a bit busy though as we start our traveling sales-peeps season. I’ll be getting regular posts scheduled when I get back to my home and a week off!

In the meantime, the gent and I are vending at the International Steampunk Symposium just outside Cincinnati Ohio. If you’re attending please stop by and say hello! I’ve got all my decks on hand, among other things. 😉

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Published by Bethalynne

Bethalynne Bajema is a life long artist and writer who works as art director for her family business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. Among other projects, she's a prolific collectable card deck maker, adding tarot, lenormand and regular playing card decks to her portfolio over the past decade. When not working or taunting squirrels, you can follow her attempts to become a Practical Magic aunt on instagram or visit her online portfolio.