Cough Cough Cough

You will have noticed a lack of card of the day posts, well, posts in general! During all the happy-happy of Christmas my gent and I caught a horrible bug that has been floating around. We’re still putting up the good fight, but much of my good fight is being done from bed in a cough syrup coma. Hopefully things will be back to their chatty-posting self.

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Published by Bethalynne

Bethalynne Bajema is a life long artist and writer who works as art director for her family business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. Among other projects, she's a prolific collectable card deck maker, adding tarot, lenormand and regular playing card decks to her portfolio over the past decade. When not working or taunting squirrels, you can follow her attempts to become a Practical Magic aunt on instagram or visit her online portfolio.