Happy St Patty’s Day!

I’d love to tell you that I’m out having green beer and acting a happy fool among friends, however, I’m having a quiet night with my gent where I’m not doing anything. That’s actually the most wonderful thing I can think of to do with my night. As tempting as green beer is. Before I start my blissfully actionless evening, I’ve been giving quick updates to my sites. Sadly I didn’t have the opportunity to get some new cards and deck recommendations for the evening. So instead I’m going to share a sneak-peek at what has me so busy as of late. Please meet the mock-ups for my automaton girl:

Now that the gent and I have moved to the Cincinnati area we’re able to be involved more with the local steampunk community. One of the things we’re doing is helping out with the branding of a local steampunk convention. The automaton girl was a request for event posters, but after turning out so ridiculously cute she’s taken on a life of her own. For the moment we’re calling her Bly after Nellie Bly, the incredible woman who in her Victorian day proved around the world in so many days wasn’t fiction. She did it in forty-two. I can’t say anything more about her future career at the moment, we’re still finalizing the posters, logos, branding, and that sort of thing. It’s a decent size job added to my normal day to day duties, so forgive me for my few days of silence. I’ll be back this weekend with regular programming, so to speak. Now go enjoy that green beer! Or, if you’re actually like me, some green Hi-C because you don’t actually drink beer. 🙂 Oh, wow, and ignore my toes! Ha! I didn’t notice they were in there.

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