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Posts have been a little slow as of late. During the day I’m working on fulfilling my sale orders and during the evening I’ve been tackling my costume for the first convention of the season. Most of that working has been on my first mask, pictured here now that it is finally finished. The mask will have a dual purpose as the gent and I will be vending at the Midsummer Masquerade soon as well. And really? I wanted a huge and fabulous, slightly dark, detailed costume that I could put on like a second skin and move through the convention menacingly while innocently handing out candy. Or something like that. It’s a steampunk convention with a super heroes and villains theme. I wanted to be Poison Ivy, but she’s kind of the go to for a lot of people. So I made up my own villain.

I absolutely adore owls.

I have three animals on my personal totem: The black rabbit, a carry over from my childhood when I was obsessed with the book Watership Down. The white fox, which comes from my love of kitsune in Japanese folklore. And finally the wise owl, companion to the goddess of wisdom Athena; most famously (for me) crafted as Bubo in Clash of the Titans to aid Perseus so Athena didn’t have to send her own beloved owl. It might have struggled with Greek mythology, but that was another place where my mind got interested in certain subjects as a kid. Plus, as an adult who attends steampunk functions, mechanical owls are a thing. I wanted it to look somewhat old, slightly mechanical, but regal with a lot of little parts. And the mask does have all three of my critters. Obviously the mask is meant to look like an owl, plus it has a jeweled owl between the eyes. At the top of the tiny bird scull is a small rabbit. On the back of the mask I drew my fox, which looks a lot like my white feline Ghost, who I’m positive is just a fox pretending to be a feline so I would take her in when I found her as a wee qwueeber in my backyard so long ago. I mean… everything doesn’t have to have a meaning or symbolize something… it’s just more fun that way!

Anyhoo, as I was saying, I’ve been a bit busy for web stuff at the moment. I will get back into the swing of things. In the meantime I have my costume progress and con things over at my personal blog. Or, better stated, I will soon. That site is fighting with posting at the moment so I’m giving it a time out. (With plenty of disapproving scolding finger.) For the record, mask making and art doll making have been on my list of things to try. Basically I wanted to see if I could create 3D designs of my brides artwork, seen here. That is my Black Cat and Poisoned Tea Society collection. I’m rather pleased with my first attempt. Now I should get back to work. Toodles noodles!

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