State of the Attic!

Picture me standing up with hands on my hips, with a determined look on my face as I stare off into the distance. Maybe I have a cape blowing in the breeze behind me. Can you picture it? No? You just think I’m being weird? Ah well, I do like the dramatics. I just wanted to update those who have been writing my shoppe and my blog. All the business related stuff has been covered by Maggie (thank you Maggie!), but that does leave a lot of my personal correspondence and art inquiries tucked away in a folder to attack when I could. My online time has been very off and on at best.

I am getting caught up on conversations, requests, and things of that nature that Maggie didn’t feel she could properly cover. My left eye (the one I decided to get an up close look at the stairs with) has been blurry since the surgery where they put the plate over my broken orbit area. The surgeon warned me it would be a combination of the injury, the heavy numbing agents, and most likely tiny and hateful gremlins living behind my eyeball. So reading was a pain and I was warned to be weary of eye strain with the laptop screen.

I was given the thumbs up by my eye surgeon this past Wednesday. Yays! With some glasses and groovy eye drops my eye is fighting the good fight. Everything else is pretty much healed. The bethalynne beast lives to growl another day. The surgeon, who is also a plastic surgeon, mentioned he could help correct my heavy eyelids if I had problems with them to which I said “Not my bedroom eyes! What would I do in this world without my prized resting bitch face?!” And there were giggles, but I was totally serious.

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Bethalynne Bajema is a life long artist and writer who works as art director for her family business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. Among other projects, she's a prolific collectable card deck maker, adding tarot, lenormand and regular playing card decks to her portfolio over the past decade. When not working or taunting squirrels, you can follow her attempts to become a Practical Magic aunt on instagram or visit her online portfolio.