TBT: In the words of Tim Gun a make it work moment

A make it work moment with the Motor City Steam deck

So… it’s two days before an approaching convention and the special deck of playing cards I made for the con has only just arrived by special rush from my printers. However, they arrived in plain white boxes. They were supposed to be in windowed boxes so the title card acted as the cover. There were only so many oh noes! that can be said and shaking my fist wasn’t going to solve the problem.

In the end my solution was to get prints at the local hour photo. I put two labels to a print and opted to cut out and apply myself. Printing labels might have been easier but the cost would have been greater and the label would have been flat. Corner rounding the cut prints was just my way of being way too much of a perfectionist that paid for it by the obnoxious task. I’ve opted to do my plain box labels this way from there on though. The special bulk rates I get for the prints is less expensive than printing or purchasing labels. I thought I would note it. Though keep in mind this type of packaging solution might only be appealing if you don’t mind a little work for the project.