It’s been awhile for updates. We almost lost Beth during that time. She’s finally home and healing quite well. Sadly we’re all now in the warming kettle with this pandemic and state of government aren’t we? While that is very much on our minds, we have to set that aside for the moment. –Part of Beth’s occupational therapy once home, was taking little steps to get back to her normal daily routine. So we will be opening up the shoppe again and getting caught up on inquiries. (Medical bills demand that really.) And now that we’re all quarantined within out houses, I’d say we have a little more time to devote to it. We won’t subject everyone to the details of the last many months, but should you be interested you can read about it beyond the more button below. Thank you all again for supporting Attic Cartomancy during one of its very low times. We hope to get back to semi normal.

As many of you know, after two months of an unknown illness at home, in August Bethalynne went into multi-organ failure. This was attributed to an infection and internal bleeding. She was in the hospital for a brief stay as they tried to locate the bleeding, treat the infection, and remove some of the near 70lbs of edema that had developed in her legs over those two months. Her heart was soon fine without the extra fluid crushing into it, her liver needed a lot of healing but was back to working, and her kidneys were putting up a good fight and getting better. It was decided after a few years of gaining weight, fatty liver disease, and the combination of medicines used to treat her other ailments, it all hit a head and caused this. A scary punch to the gut lesson in not procrastinating with one’s health. As for the internal bleeding it was that Beth had a small, unseen tear to her bariatric sleeve when she had a bad fall the year previously. She had no doctor at that time and was only treated by specialists for other injuries while this went unnoticed. At some point it must have opened up.

She returned home, even though many smaller symptoms were still bothering her. She had blood-work that first week home and was immediately sent back to the ER. She was in full renal failure. There was much confusion after this because everyone was giving us different explanations as to why a kidney not in critical condition anymore up and failed a few days later. It took awhile to finally find that answer: During her first stay she had three specialists tending to their specialties and they didn’t have very good communication between one another. Beth had extremely low iron, potassium, sodium, chloride in her blood and a near-fatal low of magnesium. From her knees and elbows down she couldn’t feel her limbs. One doctor kept pumping her with iv bags of these fluids that weren’t being absorbed, another doctor was trying to find how to get more water weight off without shocking her kidneys with diuretics, and another one was pumping her full of too much Lasix for the edema–unknown to the other doctor because they couldn’t take a damn moment to read someone else’s patient notes on her. Or you know, talk to one another about their shared patient. Given her state, the Lasix did some serious harm to her kidneys and caused the renal failure of already weakened kidneys. So… doctor negligence we can’t talk about at the moment.

During that return stay without much progress at first, she became weak enough that she couldn’t do simple things like opening a can or turning unaided in bed. More edema accumulated on her legs and she lost the strength and ability to use them making her bed bound. Her blood pressure remained dangerously low and she wasn’t producing new blood cells and had to receive a number of blood transfusions. It wasn’t totally dire then, but it was pretty close.

After quite awhile, tests and physical therapy, Bethalynne was doing better and released to a nursing rehab to finish her rehabilitation before returning home. While there she was becoming more lethargic and dizzy, she opted to sleep as much as she could. Her red blood cell count had dropped near fatally low–like she was trying to run on blood fumes. She had to be rushed back to the ER where she spent the next month in the ICU. It was touch and go for awhile and we almost lost her a few times. To make matters worse after more than a half a year in the hospital, the emotional toll/depression and the build up of medicines caused her to have a hospital induced psychotic break. So while she was there, she wasn’t technicality there. Much of what she was experiencing was in her head–somewhat like having to live in a waking bad dream. She often didn’t remember why she was there and had constant black-outs. During one of these she was alone and somehow managed to fall and hit her head hard enough to knock out a few teeth, gain a massive hematoma above her blackened left eye, and never remember how it happened or exactly when. Thankfully a retooling of her meds helped bring her out of that state. Her internal bleeding finally halted and her dropping blood pressure improved enough to leave the ICU. With a lot of help from the medical staff and Beth determined to get out of there, she was able to start walking again with aid of a walker and her health started to improve. After the holidays Beth asked to be released to home with at home care even though everyone wanted another intermediate stay at another nursing facility. We’re glad to say she’s been thriving at home. Of course there was a bugbear soon after for all of us.

Her first three weeks home her access to the outside world was mostly dialysis and doctor appointments. When she’d finally graduated from walker to cane our Ohio governor Dewine was asking us all to voluntarily home quarantine because of the virus. Then legally we had to stay home. We’re doing everything we can to keep her far from the virus, but her spirits are pretty high. She has a very live in the moment mentality these days. It helps that she no longer needs the lift to use the stairs and she can do more and more things for herself. And along with getting rid of the excessive 70lb water weight gain, she managed to lose 130lbs of her years of gained weight to take her out of the realm of roomie gal. If you look for her nowadays you’ll probably find her in her closet playing dress up and rejoicing in the fact that she never managed to get rid of her skinnier clothes. Otherwise, yes, she’s gotten back to her life, her tarot cards and her business.

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, prayers, warm thoughts, and positive energy. At some point she will most likely need a kidney transplant, but for the moment she’s content and taking things in the moment. She sends much love and will be updating for herself soon.

Thank you also for sticking around. 🙂