TBT: From the Sepia Stains Photo Album

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Today’s throw back Tuesday is two moments in the life of the Sepia Stains Tarot. The first is from my friend Bethany Grenier’s photo shoot with actress Charlie Bivona for a steampunk fashion feature. I was basically there to stand next to Bethany and every now and then stare intently at the scene and say that looks fabulous! 😉 I had the opportunity to get a few product shots of my deck in a very pretty antique place with a model in some very fine duds. The next picture are two gentlemen from the first steampunk convention I vended at in 2010. I had a few misprinted Sepia decks that I offered as single card grabs. They found the cards perfect for their very dapper top hats. Sadly I do not know the gents’ names.