TBT: The Isidore Valentine Deck

Attic Cartomancy The Isidore Valentine Deck

The first tarot deck I ever made was a long, kick-me-in-the-arse sort of project and when it was done I was content to leave it done. Now I can think of so many ways I could do so much more with it. Much of that is thanks to all the wonderful ways my Isidore deck has lent itself to special editions. My favorite so far is the My Tiny Valentine limited edition. So today’s throwback Tuesday is just a look at that pretty pretty deck. Special bonus for it because I am a typo demon who doesn’t have enough proof-readers: My first name is misspelled in the book. I hope that gives someone a chuckle. Technically not misspelled, there’s just an extra “y” in there that I didn’t catch in the very loopy font. Doh!