Lemons into Lydia-ade Tarot Bridge Size Deck – Limited Edition


ABOUT THIS DECK: This version of the Lydia tarot deck is a standard bridge size that measures 57mm x 89mm or 2.25″ x 3.5″ (see photos for comparison to regular deck size.) The cards are 300gsm professional quality card stock with blue core with smooth finish. They shuffle and handle very easily. They’re sturdy enough for everyday use. This version differs from the regular version in that it has a full bleed design without the thin, decorative border on the larger size.

This version of the bridge edition comes in a tarot tin, with a drawstring organza bag, and my classic full packaging accents. It includes the quick reference guide book and a thank you for adopting a deck! bag of extras. This version of the deck is limited to 52 decks (please read below for reasons) and each comes with a signed and numbered extra card.

The sale price will be available until Monday Feb 18th, but I’ll leave the decks up until they have sold out. I won’t be able to print the decks until the end of February, however, so shipping will begin mid March.

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It’s a common saying when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade. My lemons came in the form of opening my last box of black tins for my Lydia deck only to find they were the wrong size. They were, in fact, the next size down. So I cleared this up with my wholesaler, got a rush order of the right size tins, and sat looking at this box of 52 too small black tins that I am now the owner of.

I don’t let anything in my stock go to waste, so I set to thinking about what I could use them for. Not long after an email came in from an adopter of the Lydia Tarot who said they loved the regular and mini decks they backed, but wondered if I would ever consider a mid size deck between the two? She wanted to buy a deck for her grandmother and said her grandmother’s small hands wouldn’t do well with the regular size, and her eyesight might not be good enough for the mini. So I thought? Well there’s a very good use for those tins!

So I took an evening to resize my Lydia card artwork to fit a bridge size deck that is between the two. I removed the decorative border because it became too thin in the downsizing. I kept the translucent bar that the card text rests on so that the words are easy to read. The packaging is the same as the full packaging edition of the regular deck, only a smaller tin.

I’ve made this a limited edition of 52 decks to match my available tins. This doesn’t mean I won’t carry this size in the future – that will depend on how popular this size turns out to be. I just wanted to be silly and make these decks special. I made a special card for it with the mock sub title and a place to put edition number and sign it. I’ll sign the guide book as well if that tickles anyone. 🙂

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