Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre & Autumn Scenes Mini Halloween Packaging


The Lydia Tarot (short name) is a vibrantly colored collage style tarot that uses classic paintings from the 17th and 18th century to introduce the reader to dark characters and hidden scenes. You’ll find classic movie monsters like the Mummy, the Bride of Frankenstein and the Invisible Man. Those dark creatures from history like the blood countess and secret masquerades among eerie autumn scenes. And it comes in mini size! This is the perfect size to tuck under your witch’s hat. And this mini is dressed up for Halloween! Preview the whole deck here or scroll down for ordering options.

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ABOUT THE DECK: This is a darker themed deck, but don’t let that fool you. Within all the darker tones are those wonderful moments that remind you what it feels like to love autumn and embrace the things that roam among the shadows. The major arcana is character and scene based, while the minor arcana is based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith symbolism.

THIS EDITION: Happy Halloween! On this the first day of October my latest Halloween inspired packaging is for the Lydia Mini Tarot. This wee deck is wrapped in pumpkin spice colors (to be opened like a present), nestled in black cheesecloth, adored with a few autumn leaves, and tucked into a black tin with a cover that features the King of Wands. This special packaging also comes with a companion book with a matching cover. It’s darkly sweet and would make for a lovely gift for any autumn tarot lovers. This deck will be ready to ship on October 13th. *Better photos to come. My lighting was a little off in my studio today.

DECK DETAILS: The cards are 1.61″ x 2.48″ in size. They’re printed on 300gsm card-stock that is sturdy and has a smooth finish. Cards have a blue core that helps prevent transparency of the card so both sides feature brilliant colors. They’re very easy to shuffle and good for everyday use. This listing features the mini deck only. Thank you for your interest in adopting a deck!

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in