The Isidore Tarot Sea & Sand Spring Edition w/Full Packaging


The warm months are back! Are you looking for a light, whimsical tarot deck that closely follows the symbolism of the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot? This may be your deck! View samples of the entire deck here, or scroll down for more details.

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The Isidore Tarot Deck is an art collage style tarot that uses whimsical vintage illustrations by J.J. Grandville to recreate the symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. Grandville’s characters are turned into new characters with the aid of Victorian era ink illustrations and my own pen-work to complete the collages. Each card is given a light color tinting to finish the piece. The idea for the style is based upon Max Ernst’s Une semaine de bonté collection.

DETAILS ABOUT THIS EDITION: The Sea and Sand Spring Edition of the Isidore Tarot features a switch in the color palate. The rose and gold of the third edition’s major arcana has been replaced with sea and sand shades. The minor arcana have been given a little color tweaking to bring out the colors and give a bit of a sun glow to the them. This version is based on the new third edition of the deck. The third edition of the Isidore Tarot says goodbye to the white borders of previous editions and offers cards with full bleed artwork.

PREORDER/SHIPPING INFO: Decks are currently printing and estimated arrival to my studio is the second week of June. Decks will begin shipping the third week of June in the order they were received. As always, if decks/supplies arrive sooner I will start shipping as soon as I can. Also, this is a limited time sale.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in