UPDATES JANUARY 4TH, 2021: Happy New Year everyone! To start – AHS decks are here and have started to ship. There’s about a hundred orders and they’re being filled in order and I estimate it will take about two weeks to get them all packaged and shipped. I apologize for the delay. I’d like to say 2020 was cursed for everything! But truth is there are hiccups when launching a new deck on pre-order no matter the year. Things are finally coming together though.

Also as a note: Bethalynne is recovering and getting back online so she can get back to things personally. And she gets vaccinated next week as an end stage renal patient so hopefully that puts in an end to all of our Covid scares (right now it’s thankfully just the flu). We are behind on email and I apologize for that. She’s been good about within three hour replies but right now response time has been far slower. So she will be addressing the email account. So as a closer – within two weeks all of our first pre-order AHS deck orders will be out, Lydia decks are going out regular again, and I’m catching up on any shipping issues. I hope you are all celebrating the new year (and perhaps taking a hopeful breath of things gotta change) and doing well! As always stay safe!

Hello and welcome to my shoppe! Below are my currently available decks and related items. Thank you again for your interest in my original decks and I hope you feel moved to adopt one! ~ Bethalynne

PLEASE NOTE: For those living in America you know as of now the USPS is a bit hyper wonky at the moment. There are delays with first class shipping within the US and outside of it. USPS stresses on their site this doesn’t effect priority shipping, but I have seen some priority packages taking a few extra days despite the listed expected delivery date. Also, due to the pandemic there are some countries who have closed their borders to anything coming from the US. Just a heads up.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results