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Hello and welcome to my card blog! This blog is my pet project that is about everything cards. Reading cards, playing the cards, as well as card design; I love everything about them and since they play a very big part of my life I thought having a personal blog about them would be fun and perhaps some of my experience can be offered to others.

So a little bit about me: My name is Bethalynne and my long time friends know me as Blue. I’ve been a commercial artist since my early twenties (that would be the mid 90s to date myself) using that work to support myself as I worked and self published my personal projects on the side. I do a little bit of everything: Write, make art, design, and I’ve been known to wield a pretty strong web design & programming hand. Since 2013 I’ve been working on my family business The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. This is a shoppe where we sell all manner of things but specifically our own tarot, lenormand, and specialty card decks. We sell online, at conventions, and can be found at art & craft shows in the Midwest.

I work a lot and I always have something going on so I don’t get a lot of down time. What down time I have is usually devoted to better learning the craft of cartomancy. This has become a very enthralling passion for me. When I made my first tarot deck is was an extension of a graphic novel I was working on and the true symbolism of the tarot took a backseat to my own fiction. As I’ve grown older and come to create other decks I’ve really invested the time and enthusiasm studying the history of this thing that is cartomancy and all the many cards that have been used for it throughout the centuries. So part of this site is simply sharing those things as I learn and become more familiar with the cards myself.

The second reason for this site is more of a practical thing. I’ve designed eight different specialty decks over the past ten years, as well as helping with the design and formatting of three decks created by friends. I currently have two new decks in the works. Not only have I made every error along the way when it comes to creating and self publishing a deck, I have all the experience of doing things the right way. For a few years now I’ve happily shared my knowledge of the process with others to help them with their deck projects and I thought it would be worthwhile to put all of that knowledge into one place so that it might help others. I also wanted to document the process of creating my new decks.

So as you read this please note that my site is fairly new. I’ve been working on the idea of it for most of the summer but I actually put all that thought into the actual site at the beginning of October. As I enjoy autumn and move into the winter months I hope to flesh it out with a decent amount of starter articles for those creating their own decks in need of some advice. I also hope to make my card of the day posts a regular feature of the site as I use them to better learn reading from my cards. I focus primarily on my own decks, but I have a good collection of decks I hope to feature as well.

I’m glad you stumbled across my site and I hope this wee about page gives you a little information on what you’ll find here. I’m always open to chatting or hearing suggestions so please feel free to contact me. Keep in mind that I run three other sites to this one, as well as help maintain four professional sites for clients. I only say this because I try very hard to get back to people immediately when they contact me but sometimes I get a little behind. I’m getting way better at that strange voodoo that is social media and email though. Thank you again for visiting and I hope you make Attic Cartomancy a regular stop! 🙂

Bethalynne, November 2016

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