The Black Ibis Tarot – Second Edition

The Black Ibis Tarot is my second tarot deck and a little bit eclectic in style. I consider it the companion deck to my Sepia Stains Tarot as they’re both from my graphic novel of the same name. In the story the decks are used to play a game that allows for peaceful resolution of disputes in an underground world. The Sepia deck offers character portraits while this deck I tried to recreate scenes from the story. The artwork is done in the style of the graphic novel and features symbolism influenced by the Rider Waite Smith deck, at least as far as the major arcana goes. The minor arcana uses pips and characters from propaganda posters from the graphic novel. It’s a beautiful deck if I can set aside modesty for a moment.

Featured here is the second edition of the deck, which has been retired. You can see the third (and current) edition of the deck here. Also, you can see all posts tagged The Black Ibis Tarot here.

The Black Ibis Tarot

The Black Ibis Tarot is a beautiful deck that was created to accompany the graphic novel of the same name The Black Ibis. The major arcana features light Rider Waite Smith symbolism. The minor arcana features Victorian era antique utensils as pips.

Our cards are printed on 300gsm card-stock with a smooth gloss finish. This is standard playing card thickness/card-stock and very easy to shuffle. They’re slightly smaller than standard tarot size at 2.5″ x 3.5″.

The Black Ibis Tarot is copyright Bethalynne Bajema
All Rights Reserved

The Major Arcana
The Black Ibis Tarot from The Attic Shoppe Trading Co.

The Pentacle Suit
The Black Ibis Pentacle Suit

The Chalices Suit
A Preview of the Black Ibis Chalices

The Swords Suit
A Preview of the Black Ibis Swords

The Wands Suit
A Preview of the Black Ibis Wands