Card of the Day: The Lenormand Ring

Attic Cartomancy - Card of the Day - The Butterfly Lenormands Ring

It might have become noticeable that most of my card of the day posts are written in regards to myself. I also like to change up decks so I’m learning more about each deck card by card. I have come to find that with the Lenormand doing a one card reading isn’t always practical as the meaning of the card has a lot to do with the surrounding cards. So instead I just use that card to learn a bit more about it and what question it might suggest I ask myself.

Today I drew the Lenormand deck’s Ring card and this one is from my Butterfly Circus deck. I used my conjoined twins in the artwork with the ring represented in their headdress. One of the meanings behind this card is being in a committed relationship. These gals don’t get much more committed than being joined at the hip. 😉 The card suggests you ask: If you’re in a relationship is the commitment between the two of you equal? If you’re single perhaps there is someone about to come into your life.

This card also can represent going in circles or repeating a cycle. Maybe you’re stuck at a place you don’t want to be in and you need to find a way to pull yourself out of the repetition of that place. So in pulling this card by itself I might ask myself: Is my creature of habit ways getting a bit too creature of habit? How do I feel about that?

There are a lot of literal meanings attributed to this card and many of them pertain to being committed to something; be it a person, an agreement, a business arrangement, and so on. Today I’ll be brushing up on those things. That is after this very creature of habit gets some of my daily cycle cycled. 😉