The Black Ibis Tarot Third Edition

As anyone said it to you yet? No? Really? Really!! Okay… I’m taking a deep breath here… MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!! That goes out to Bethany, the biggest Star Wars geek I know besides my big brother, and as it happens the model for this tarot’s Fool card. She is a very creative person in her own right, so if you have a moment pay her site a visit. Oh wait… crap… of course I was the first, it’s only April. I got too excited by posting the end date of this sale as May the Fourth. We’ll revisit that in exactly one month from today!

Now, I’m pleased to say the third edition of the Black Ibis Tarot is now available for sale. The cards are larger in size in this edition and this makes the details of the card artwork standout more. I also pumped up the colors a bit to make them more vibrant, as well as adding a blue note element to each card to unify the majors a bit more. The deck is very beautiful if I set modesty to the side. I really adore this deck. And like the Sepia Stains deck, there were a lot of wonderful creative folks who lent their images to the deck. I’ll be highlighting each over April.

The pre-order will run throughout April. At the conclusion of the sale all the decks/materials will be purchased and shipping will begin most likely the second week of May. The deck is available with full packaging or just the deck/book depending on your budget. So if you’d like to give a slightly surreal neo-Victorian fantasy deck a new home, please select the link for what you want: Order Full Packaging Deck Here -or- Order Just Deck/Book Here

Attic Cartomancy -The Black Ibis Tarot