Monday, 20th, 2020

The Lydia Tarot is available again. You can pick one up here while supplies last. I was able to order decks when I returned home so I have so many on hand and already packaged to ship. I have more decks and books ordered, but as many of you might have experienced by this point, delivery times (especially if Amazon is covering delivery of non-essential items) are taking twice as long to arrive–sometimes longer. I thank you for understanding.

The third edition of the Isidore Tarot is available in limited quantities. I still have not received my ordered decks or books, so I’m offering what I have on hand still. You can nab a deck here. And since it’s spring (no matter what the weather says) the Sea & Sand Spring version of this deck will be available soon as well. I think I only have two of those on hand and I’m still waiting for more to arrive. Same info on stock as above.


You can also buy the deck (stress, just deck, no box or book) editions I’ve retired. Currently available is a couple of the Isidore Tarot second edition and the first edition of the Butterfly Circus Lenormand. VIEW HERE


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