Temporarily Closed

09.05.19 – My shoppe is temporarily closed. My last three orders will ship this weekend. I apologize for the downtime. I’m currently waiting for my Dr to decide what treatment options I’m looking at to get back to some state of healthy.

Madam Lydia deck inquires – I’m getting many inquires about this deck, so I’m going to answer that here. Yes this deck will be available again before Halloween is looming. To make things easier for me and so that the deck is available, we’re going to spend a day prepackaging so all I have to do is print a label and let my gent get them to the post office. How many decks are available will be noted. I will eventually do this for all decks. I will also be selling off my odds and ends and special items I was reserving for Halloween, Currently my insurance co-pays are killing me, need to get a pinch caught up. I will announce any such sale on my Instagram and shoppe mailing list. So that is that for the moment. I will say – if anyone wants to send some good vibes I will take them. 🙂