Full October updates to come.

UPDATES OCTOBER 29TH, 2020: Had a Covid scare, so I have been doing quarantine site dialysis as I wait for my test results. I’m just a bit exhausted and sickish. I will be updating all of my 31 Days of Halloween here shortly with all my sales. Just to note: Any sales coming in after the 17th I can’t guarantee will get to you by Halloween–especially if you’re outside of the US. I’ve been upgrading many of my US sales to Priority when they come in as First Class postage to try and speed things up. I hope you are all well and enjoying the autumn as we creep closer to Halloween! And of course, I celebrate Halloween year round so it won’t really stop for me after the holiday has officially passed. 🙂

UPDATES OCTOBER 3RD, 2020: I hope you are all having a wonderfully spooky Saturday. Today’s entry into my 31 Days of Halloween is a sale featuring my Black Ibis Tarot. Perhaps it’s not terribly autumn like or even something to be claimed as Halloween inspired, but it is a beautiful deck with lots of masks and elaborate costumes–so I will tuck this into the masquerade category for the season. The Black Ibis Tarot is on sale from today until the 7th or until supplies run out. You can adopt one here! Now I am off to call it a night and kick up my feet and take in some good horror movie binging for the evening.

UPDATES OCTOBER 1ST, 2020: It’s the first day of 31 Days of Halloween!! I’m very giddy in a going to whip out my cinnamon sticks to stir my warm cider and then get a tummy ache being a bit too enthusiastic with the candy corn and peanuts mix kind of way. So for this first day of October I give you The Lydia Tarot mini in snazzy Halloween dressings. I think it would make a wonderful little seasonal gift for tarot lovers.

UPDATES SEPTEMBER 22, 2020: A very happy Autumn Equinox to you all! Many, many thanks to those who took part in my brief moving sale. Thanks to your deck adoptions I was able to cover my dad’s moving fees and keep up with my medical bills for the month. That is no small thing for a one woman shoppe! My next sales will be for Halloween packaging of my Lydia and Tea Bat decks. I will be posting previews this evening with sales soon to follow. In the meantime I have restocked the Lydia deck. Order here! A few of the original Lydia deck packaging with the tarot tins are still available as well. The mini Lydia decks will be restocked when I get a notice from my printer that my decks have shipped. And for those where mini just wasn’t quite tiny enough, the new Lydia doll-size decks will be apart of my Halloween sale. Complete with tiny coffin boxes they come in!